This full Moon can be the mother of all reality checks with such a strong presence of Saturn!  Saturn squaring Neptune can reveal in all starkness what we have overlooked, or simply believed was something that it isn’t.  Blind spots can humblingly come to light. It reminds me of when the Hubble telescope photographed an area of space with apparently nothing in it, the photographs revealed that it was, in fact, teaming with galaxies and stars!
Saturn in Sagittarius brings a review of belief structures (especially spiritual and religious).
And with Saturn opposing the full Moon in Gemini, we can expect our focus to be drawn towards taking responsibility for our feelings and how we communicate them. Is there something that someone needs to know?
Time for a heart to heart
and some communication in silence.

Saturn is also a grounding energy. A deepening, anchoring resolve can emerge at this time. A time to bring your visions (Sagittarius) to Earth. The current global climate can highlight the value of efforts, even small, of co-operation, creativity and freedom.

Whatever is demanding your attention within you right now –  fear, confusion, love, indecision etc  –  let your awareness of what you are feeling and the acknowledgement of it as your sacred human experience free you! After all, it is essentially denial of pain that leads to projection and causes distortions that we’re all making our way through on a global scale now.  So let’s be a light in this seeming chaos with simple self honesty and self knowing that allows us to deepen and enjoy our natural connection to the Earth and to the divine source.

This full Moon will have us digging deeper to access our wisdom. But if we do, the Sagittarian horizons will expand within and beyond us. After the intensity of the Scorpio month this sense of lightness and expansion will be very welcome! Sagittarius always suggests new possibilities, new ways through. It is deeply connected to the vision of the Earth that longs to be dreamed by us too.

Don’t worry, it’s ok that you’re a light of truth, it’s ok if it feels like you’re a one person island of sanity, it’s ok if you’re not all the time, it’s ok if no one else other than you knows or sees what you go through to be human.  Because your presence here isn’t even about others perceiving or understanding. These experiences, choices and divine gifts of yours are here for very different reasons. To give substance and energetic momentum to the potential and freedom of mankind. An energetic power surge to all hearts, for all hearts!

You lead by example. Because you, others and the universe are impacted by your example of ownership and embodiment of your sacred power – that is how the star that is the essence of you ignites and continues to burn.  (By the way, stars come into being after tens of thousands of years as seething gasses in frozen darkness until compression causes them to ignite!)  That star in you is relevant. Let it be, let it burn. You have the kind of wisdom and the conscious power to return your focus there. Your breath with help you with this. Return at will to a deeper truth in your heart that blazes in peace even in the midst of chaos. The value of that goes beyond words.
Feel it.

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