February Star Soul Report

Surrendering familiarity
Being someone you don’t even recognise anymore
Embracing the magic

During a meditation on the last December solstice, I saw 2018 as being completely different. It was like a totally different energetic expression of life.
And my experience especially since the last lunar eclipse has proved it.
You can’t go about things the way you did in 2017, it’s just totally changed. You certainly can’t force things at all, forcing your dreams or forcing goals or relationships (it was pretty hard before but right now it’s impossible). And yes I know other people are still doing that but they’re not you and your path is VERY different. You are here to bring about these planetary changes through your consciousness and connection. To operate outside of the old order of things and beyond that to take a chance on what these changes are offering you and all of humankind.
What I’ve noticed is that living is a more magical synchronistic experience and structure and manifestation come about in a more organic and intuitive way, a kind of spontaneous art of stepping in at the right place at the right way at the right time, using our newly and freshly honed humanness from all the tests and other profound and extreme initiations we have undergone in the last 6 years that have literally crystallised us and our nature. All the skills you have learned by listening to your inner guidance, by doing the hard emotional work to free you even gentically. All the new skills that you’re learning now. The skills that accompany being true to yourself.

And now in 2018, we get to try it out, in complete ownership of our destiny.

You can take that in…

Complete ownership, not control – of our destiny.

You are Yours.

Your passion, power, creativity and beauty is Yours, to share (not to be given away) the way You choose, and You are the soul director.

The act of doing this creative or healing expression, though it requires courage or will to create and share, connects us to the energetic support available to us through acting in this way (try it out) and balances a great deal of the darker processes at play, either in our own lives or globally.

There’s a certain courage to embracing and receiving the power and blessings of being at this time. Regardless how you are feeling or where you are at with all of it.
The courage of adjusting to the differentness.
And I know I’ve said this before but please don’t wait until you are ‘perfect’ to get your show on the road. As a healer I often hear –  ‘when I’m well, whole, sane etc I will do x,y, z.’ I suggest doing it now, however small your attempt, IN ORDER TO HEAL. What if the healing is in the expression. The point is you are already an expression of universal wholeness regardless of your state of mental or physical health.  And if you’re reading this. You are ready.
It’s not the kind of courage that you would need to face a waring adversary or to climb a cliff face.  Because it’s the opposite of survival and we’re all much more habituated to that kind of courage. It’s the courage of thrival.
It’s the courage to be, how you are in a shifting energyscape the likes of which we have never experienced.
It’s the courage to be someone you don’t even recognise anymore, to trust that You.
Because what has happened/is happening is the merging of you and your soul. You’re now your own divine guide and your guides are also being guided by you! Yes even source itself, is learning from you!! We’re growing through the energetic exchange of our soul’s interaction. All of us, all of life.
There is so much delight in this.

When you do own this new you in this new reality and if you are already doing that, it helps to breathe through the (seriously expanded and expanding) energy to have contact with the Earth which helps to embody the scale of this adjustment.

So now we’re surrendering the familiar and trying it out – the upgraded us.

You have to emerge from the cocoon sometime and get used to your wings.