In astrology, planetary influences don’t make things happen. They are triggers but they don’t create circumstances or personal or global affairs – they simply shift our perspective to reveal what’s already there! The event is a manifestation of something that’s been brewing for a while.
It’s just a matter of time before the truth of anything surfaces. Sooner or later it will. For example, on a personal level, if a relationship ends, the causes of its closure were already there, the planets didn’t make it happen, they made this truth unavoidable.
When I look at the world, I see the same thing. What we watch on the news is the result of something that has taken years, decades – even longer, its just that the planetary dynamics shift to make it known, or shift to make it come to a head so that it can’t be ignored.
Many people feel demoralised or disempowered by watching the news.  Good intentions can seem meaningless in the face of the destruction taking place.
This is especially the case if we see the world in purely physical/material terms. However, this world as part of this universe is also energetic and multidimensional. And all these realms are constantly interacting to mutually transform each other in a perpetual energetic exchange.
Energetically we are all connected and becoming more so because of changes taking place like the thinning of the Earth’s magnetic field which results in the thinning of our own magnetic field. This is speeding up the energetic circuitry (like a wi-fi upgrade) and means that we are feeling more and this is spinning some sensitive people out who feel overwhelmed by their and other’s emotions.
As sensitive beings in this world, do we only have two choices: numbing out or keeping it out (living in a bubble)?
As we are all connected energetically, it means that we are not only impacted more by the energetic resonance of global events, but as this process works both ways, the increase in global energetic connectivity means that global events are also affected more by us.  If the beat of a butterfly wing on one side of the planet can have some indirect part in the formation of a tornado on the other, then you and your living presence has an effect on the events in this world.
Energetically each one of us are universes and each one of us has the power to change this world.  One thought, one intention, one word, one action from one individual will change the destiny of this planet for ever. That is the kind of power that we have and it is our sensitivity that allows us to experience this universal power within us. And you don’t have to wait to feel ‘perfect’, enlightened or always be feeling positive to make a difference. Engaging in the process of living with your heart, giving it a go! IS making a difference. Because our conscious presence in this world, as well as our actions, is what is allowing it to transform. Could this be why, from a greater perspective we are becoming more sensitive in a world that is turbulent and violent, because on one level, our growing awareness and connection have an increasing impact on global events?

It is through our sensitivity that we can remember the grace and love that sings infinitely and effortlessly in our heart. We can choose to have this be the reference point for our decisions.
The fact that we no longer choose to relate to OURSELVES with force and violence but with love, care and kindness creates an energetic template that ripples across the world and fortifies the highest expression of change on this planet.
If we can connect to our universal power which involves respecting our sensitivity, then we won’t need to turn away. We will be able to face the world as it is, from our hearts. And instead of feeling demoralised we will know that our full embodied and engaged presence here is an important part of the changes taking place. You are using your freedom for all those who don’t or can’t.
The world doesn’t need any more thick skins, it needs your sensitivity and your understanding so that everything and everybody in this world can be reminded that they have a heart.
In the wake of transformation, when the dust settles, what remains is gentleness and the quiet voice that you listen to after you’ve given your attention to all the louder ones.

Thank you for being.
With love and freedom

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