Inclusion, as a way of relating to ourselves and our experience, is one of the single most helpful and liberating things I have practiced. Of all the healing techniques, this is the one that works best. It is so simple and so effective and it’s always what delivers in my sessions. Welcoming in your feelings, meeting them with acknowledgement. This is an active and intentional activity of connection and requires honesty and often a great deal of courage. And is not to be confused with tolerating or indulging feelings or reactions/responses which is a passive relationship with your inner world, a misidentification that actually holds us in that state. Inclusion is what allows us to move beyond it.

It’s natural to neglect a part of our experience that appears to cause discomfort, inconvenience or that gets in the way. But essentially if you neglect your body, you’ll know about it, if you neglect your heart and your emotions, you’ll know about it, if you neglect the physical aspects of your life, you’ll know about it, it you neglect your soul you’ll know about it. Each of these different parts of us will inform us when they need our ‘inclusion’ either internally or externally. We can ignore them as long as we like but eventually we’ll have to face them. So we can cut out quite a lot of unnecessary suffering in the meantime.

Inclusion is transformation, wholeness and peace. Separation is suffering. Each of us is better at inhabiting some part of our nature and experience than others, that’s what we’re here to do, to learn this kind of wholeness, to learn inclusion and integration. It’s also why our interactions with others teach us so much and rebalance us because relationships often highlight the part that we’re neglecting. And awaken new possibilities within us. We’re designed to be whole. All the disparate parts of ourselves function exquisitely together. The more I look at how we’re designed energetically the more I see that. A soul completely at home in it’s body – that is THE eternal love affair.

What is the eternal love affair of you and your soul? It is the original benchmark of love. It is deeply wholly fulfilling. Pure love, purely requited, in all its power and simplicity. The love that your own soul is offering you, is what you have been waiting for your whole life.

How can I deserve this love in a world of pain?

You do… precisely because of that. Be present in this world of pain in love…commit deeper to love because of the pain that exists. Your love is an essential part in freeing you and the world of pain. That’s not like being in a dissociated love bubble, it’s actually what it takes to be fully present in this world, to be able to show up with real compassion instead of with numbness and detachment.

It’s also how we get to experience what our humanity is designed for. Deep connection, deep trust, creativity. A symphony of stars, the kiss of night, the scent of Spring, the warmth of the sun – everything the universe is, is you, if for you. Receive it, in remembrance of your nature and remind others of theirs. We were designed for more, we will retrieve all our humanity in this life. We will find the courage we need to love. To uphold, amidst fear, chaos and confusion what is respectful and sacred.

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