From August 10th 2014

In the last month you may have found that most of your life has been up for review. Out with assumptions, prescriptions and expectations that you didn’t even realise were assumptions, prescriptions and expectations! All this change and review is destabilising as the ego can’t keep up with all this shaking up – but this is actually a healthy if sobering reminder that we are not ‘in control’ – instead we are supporting the divine flow of our own emergence through our responses to everything we face in our lives.
And this weekend this flow may start to feel more like a torrent that is dislodging the sides of the riverbanks!
That’s because life needs all of you now not just the edited highlights– body, heart and soul. So get all of yourself into the groove.  There really is no way other way than life’s way and life has big plans for you!
2014 is full of ‘power dates’ and this full Moon is one of them.
It has very opposing energies – on the one hand Saturn’s presence can reveal sadness, heart break, loss or grief continuing Saturn in Scorpio’s theme of emotional healing. And the themes of friendship or belonging (Aquarius) or romance, creativity and recognition (Leo) can feature in this this weekend. But powerfully balancing the Saturn contact on the other hand is Uranus in Aries trining the Sun in Leo – and this is fire meeting fire! The essence of this contact as I see it is:

Individuals taking the initiative (Aries) to activate the potentialities of humanity (Uranus/Aquarius) through their example (Aries/Leo).

Uranus in Aries reminds us not to dismiss the power of the intentions and actions of the individual however insignificant they may appear.
What we do for ourselves and others in our own sphere of experience, we do for all (Leo/Aquarius). Never underestimate how the quality of your honest human experience flows into the current of global realisation.
Uranus is about standing out or doing things differently, in fact it is calling us to do things really differently!
Your life path will look increasingly less like anyone else’s and may appear to take you away from friends or family because Uranus in Aries is about as unique as it gets.   There are no footprints to follow because actually it is you that are now making them! And as the Sun is in Leo, let’s take those steps with boldness, playfulness and style! This really is your time.

We are in a pioneering space where we are called to apply our own wisdom to guide us through this whole new energetic landscape that we have no external or historical reference to. It’s a time of experimentation (Aquarius) and it’s a time of trust.

Saturn may not give you the sa
tisfaction of seeing any immediate tangible results for this or any external ‘proof’ that these measures are worth it. In your heart you know that it is. This journey is one that takes a deep kind of commitment.
And commitment and loyalty are qualities that Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio, 3 of the main signs joined by the full Moon alignment share. As 2014 is a year in which we rediscover and commit to a new powerfully loving relationship with… ourselves – you loving you empowers the relationship blueprint for all relationships to be! And …as you are the only one that you can really guarantee will always be there for you, you may value saying this to your self over the next few days –

I am there for you, I will always be there for you

With  love


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