The truth will set you free. Not knowing it, but acting on it. Not seeking it, but being it. The truth will take you to the edge of fear and despite yourself you will act on it, regardless of who and what falls away in the process. The truth will take you to the outer limits of vulnerability and inadequacy, farther than you ever thought you could go, showing you the person you never knew you were and the courage and decency that glows in your core, no matter who you have been and how you have behaved until now.
The truth will set you free, because there is nothing more joyful, energising, life affirming, celebratory than lining up another aspect of your earthly life to the eternal truth of your very being – your soul. You can taste the freedom! Because when the part of you that is fossilising from denied truth, that you have the best motives for denying, starts to be filled with new blood you are unstoppable in your wholeness. The floodgates will open and another part of your infinity will stream through in all it’s indescribable salience.
The truth will set you free but only if you have the kindness, compassion and love to accompany it. The truth requires handling with CARE, especially if it has been buried for a long time. It will not set you free if it is used as a means of judging you or others or making them feel small. The truth will set you free if you know how to forgive which you do. If you know how to love which you do.
The truth will set you free from your self imposed prison, though you will loose part of yourself in the process – your false definitions (and I refer to those with respect).
When you act on truth, even in an environment when everyone else is oblivious to it or against it, the prison door inside swings open and some real, essential awesomeness is unleashed and you are lovingly embraced by feeling more alive and held in the peace that accompanies being faithful to yourself.

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