Eclipse seasons are like periods of condensed inner growth, or rapid evolutionary transformation. They can present us with all sorts of unexpected scenarios that change our reality and shake our foundations. This one especially can throw up moral dilemmas and challenges to our belief systems.  It’s important to remember on this human path we signed up to, that it isn’t a competition with ourselves, what looks like a step back may actually be life stopping us in our tracks to go deeper or to change direction.
If you’re faced with a moral dilemma, there may not appear to be any answers. No way through. There is power in admitting that you don’t know. The power of humility (Virgo).
However this intensity is affecting you, don’t worry if you don’t have immediate clarity or solutions. Step into the space fully, as you are, with patience.
The place of not knowing and patience holds an invitation for the miraculous. It’s called handing it over. It’s about saying to life – ‘I’ve done what I can, I hand it over to you and here’s some openness for your most miraculous response. I am ready!’ Honesty and humility is a doorway through which the magic can enter. Don’t rule out the possibility of things changing at the drop of a hat. Energies of this eclipse are powerfully confronting but also healing and expansive – practical solutions may appear out of nowhere and as this is Virgo they could also be very efficient ones!
The same force that keeps pulling you out of all your established ways of doing things, into new frontiers of your Self has the same amount of power to support you in this process.  This internal conflict or knowing you cannot carry on in the same way is what catalyses the choices we need to make to take some bold new steps in our lives.

Sun in Virgo square Saturn is like instant karma, or karmic ping pong. It comes right back! Or it can simply be a time of awareness of the impact of your actions from the past (and present). In many ways we are tying things up karmically and there can be flare ups in exchanges or just situations that need rebalancing to bring this about. This is also true for your relationships of service – another Virgo theme. The way that you serve could be under review. And also having to face that sometimes you can’t help in the way you’d like to. Fundamentally it’s about healthy boundaries in all relationships especially those of service. And please don’t think that, because you don’t have tidy solutions and closure to all the relationships you would like it for, that you have failed. Sometimes closure is just not available to us. We can’t force that. We are responsible for OUR part in the exchange.

Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces square Sun in Virgo can play havoc with your carefully made plans. This may be part of a larger vocational shift but again Mercury and Jupiter can provide some excellent solutions and opportunities.
Yes Saturn is about learning lessons but I see it more as being about agreeing to change when change wants to happen, through action and commitment.
Saturn energy isn’t comfortable because it’s about choosing intuition or what you know to be right over what is convenient or generally accepted. It’s the ultimate head versus heart quandary.  And yes it takes a lot to follow your heart when doing so makes changes and waves in your life and, I would like to say here, that you have my full support with this and also my absolute whole hearted admiration for whenever you pull it off! Thank you. Your love and quiet resolve is seen and celebrated.